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Those considering joining NROTC must start the process prior to the start of their junior year.

After becoming a “college programmer,” you can compete for a two or three-year NROTC scholarship. College programmers that receive a scholarship are entitled to full tuition and student fee payment, a tax-free living stipend and a semester book stipend in addition to other great benefits.

However, some midshipmen opt to remain a college programmer. College program midshipmen have only a three-year active-duty commitment verses the four-year commitment of scholarship midshipmen. Also, college program midshipmen are not required to take the same academic classes as midshipmen on scholarship, but are not limited to what jobs they can have in the Navy or Marine Corps.


The best way to start the process of joining NROTC is by scheduling a meeting with our scholarship coordinator. You can contact NROTC via Instagram or by email through the contact form.

We will gladly give you a tour of the ROTC Armory and answer any questions you may have. This is an excellent opportunity to speak with current midshipmen with life in NROTC. You can even come and sit in on our NROTC Lab and naval science courses.