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One of the most common programs Enlisted Marines use to transition from enlisted to officer is the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP). MECEP offers qualified Marines the chance to go to a four-year college full-time, while maintaining active duty status and pay. MECEP is open to all active duty Marines and Marines in the Active Reserve (AR) program who meet the eligibility requirements. Selection is based on an individual’s potential for commissioned service as demonstrated by their service record, previous academic record, and evidence of career and academic self-improvement.


To see the most up to date information concerning the requirements and process for joining the MECEP program can be found at this link.


Marines that are accepted into the MECEP program will have to apply for admission into university. Depending on the MECEP board and OCS class a Marine applies for and attends determines when to apply to the university as the university has a strict application timeline. Admission into the university is very competitive and it is encouraged to thoroughly review the application before submitting it. Marines applying to the university are responsible for their own application submission. The Marine Corps and NROTC have to oversite or impact on the admissions process and applicants will compete for admission to the university along with other applicants. Applicants are encouraged to contact the AMOI during and throughout the application process. Once OCS complete and accepted into the university, Marines will receive orders to the NROTC unit at the university.


While academically challenging, life as a Marine while at the university is a far departure from life in the fleet. While still expected to uphold all grooming standards, Marines will be wearing proper civilian attire most of the time while they are at the university. The only occasion where a Marine will have to wear a uniform is Thursday’s (the same day as the leadership lab).


As an active duty student, you are expected to fully participate and be integrated and participate within the midshipmen battalion. Participation within the battalion includes events ranging from PT at least twice a week, weekly leadership labs, and holding midshipmen battalion billets. This allows further development as a Marine and to mentor and develop midshipmen into future Marine and Naval officers.


While attending, Marines will be able to work towards a major of their choosing. An overall and semester GPA of 2.5 or higher must be maintained in order to remain enrolled in the program. In addition to the required classes for one’s major and minor, Marines are required to take certain Naval Science courses. Outside of this requirement, Marines are free to enroll in any classes they would like, as long as it allows them to graduate in the most expedient manner.