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Thank you for considering joining the UNC-Chapel Hill Naval ROTC program! As a college-bound high school student, you are in a position to receive full tuition payment and numerous other benefits from the U.S. Navy.

This article will provide all the information you need to know about applying for the scholarship and becoming a midshipman here at UNC-CH. There are many things you must do and are outlined below:


There are two specific applications you must complete to ensure that you can come to Chapel Hill as a midshipman: the  UNC-CH admission application and the NROTC scholarship application.

Please do not think that getting into the university guarantees a NROTC scholarship or vice versa. Both organizations must accept you!

Do not let the application deadlines sneak up on you. UNC-CH has a non-binding early decision deadline generally in early November and a second deadline in mid-January. Also, most high school students complete their NROTC scholarship application in the first few months of their senior year. This application is very involved and can take upwards of seven months to fully complete. Both applications will take time so start early!


Both UNC-CH and the Navy require that all applicants take the SAT or ACT and report their scores. Also, unlike UNC-CH, the Navy has minimum scores for all applicants:

Navy Options Marine Options Codes
SAT Verbal    530 1000 (composite)  UNC-CH: 5816
SAT Math     520 Navy: 0656
ACT Verbal  22 22 (composite) UNC-CH: 3162
ACT Math 21 Navy: 0656

The Navy does not take any other sections of the SAT or the ACT into consideration other than those listed above. Also, the Navy will take your best score from each section, not just your highest composite. If you can, start taking the tests early and often!

Furthermore, UNC-CH requires that students either take the AP Calculus (AB or BC) exam or the SAT II Math Subject Test for placement into MATH 231, the entry-level calculus course. If you want to avoid having to take any pre-calculus courses, you must either score a 3 on the AP Calculus exam (or the AB section on the BC exam) or a 600 on the SAT II Math Subject Test.


Once you begin your NROTC scholarship application, you should contact your local scholarship coordinator.  They can help you with the application process and answer any specific questions you may have.

If you would like to get to know UNC-CH better, check out the many university-sponsored ways of exploring the campus. If you would like a tour of the NROTC facilities here on campus or would like to speak to someone here at UNC-CH NROTC, email us through the contact form.


You just wait! For your UNC-CH application, the admission dates will be posted online. For your NROTC application, the official selection board begins meeting in September to view applications and continue to meet periodically until March. By then, if not before, your local scholarship coordinator will contact you with the results.

Again, if you have any specific questions, feel free to look us up on Instagram, or Facebook, or shoot us an email via the contact form.